Everesting – Alan Mitchell – Blackstone Edge. 14-7-2018

Everesting – Alan Mitchell – Blackstone Edge. 14-7-2018

I reached out to Alan about his Everesting conquest and apart from providing me with some great insights about his ride that was written up on his blog and through his video on YouTube, he also provided me with some really great words of advice for my own challenge next year.

The advice was to immediately stop talking about your own Everesting as an “attempt”. If you go into it with that mentality then you allow your mind to set yourself up for failure.

Alan’s conquest was clearly well thought through. His YouTube video shows him reccieing the ride to make sure that he can make the climb without getting out of the saddle – which is another really good insight. Given that you will be riding in excess of 15-20 hours for most conquests, the ability to ride in the saddle will become increasingly important as the challenge goes on.

The video takes us through his training rides and shows how much planning and preparation he took to make sure he would succeed on the challenege day.

Another key detail was the positive impact having friends or family during the challenge can make on the day. If you can get some friends to come and ride a few reps with you it will really help spur you on.

The Blackstone Edge looks like a good segment for the challenge with an everage 7% of climbing and with a dedicated cycle lane to distance cars (hopefully) from you. There’s a small kick up at the end but generally as Alan explained, it’s a fairly stable ascent allowing you to stay in the saddle.

Here’s Alan on course to his conquest.

Alan’s attempt didn’t go without a hitch and the last 8 or so reps saw him having to do them minus a couple of gears having bent his derailleur on a stationary tumble (aren’t they the worst?) but it was the support of his partner that saw him through and to achieve his conquest.

Here’s Alan’s Hall of Fame Entry on Everesting.cc

Definitely go and have a read of his blog and have a look at his video on YouTube as they are an excellent insight and reference if you are attempting your own ride.

Chapeau Alan! A great ride and a great rider!

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