Everesting – Dominic Dan V – Bundarra Road. 23-09-2016

Everesting – Dominic Dan V – Bundarra Road. 23-09-2016

The shortest distanced Everesting conquest to date (29th November 2018) was achieved by Dominic Dan V who cycled a paltry 80K to achieve one of his 7, yes 7, Everesting conquests. Before you get too excited thinking that at 80K he had it easy, just think about it…. The shorter the overall distance, the greater the ascent required to reach the summit.

Dominic had to ascend a staggering 217 repeats of the 200m climb which stands at a whopping 23.3% gradient called Bundarra Road in Marino, South Australia.

The conquest that took him just under 19 hours and I cannot begin to imagine how he prepared for that conquest, let alone paced himself through it. Truly staggering!

Here’s the segment for thos of your with a morbid curiosity or are just natural pain seekers.

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